High-end protection in a polished design made for lifetime

Hand hygiene is not a seasonal or a temporary endeavor. It is a lifelong protocol that we have to care about. Given the times we're living in and the massive change that has been produced in our lifestyle through the global medical recommendations and warnings, the absolute carefulness for sanitizing hands is an irreversibly lasting process. That's why we have built a lifetime guarantee product that does not require electricity or batteries, nor hand contact. It is fully mechanical, being operated by pushing the pedal with the foot, so without any risk of cross contamination. Imagine Dr. Drop as an exquisite technology ready to meet the ultimate requirements.

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Manufactured in a sleek contemporary design by AllInox Innovation company, Dr. Drop is distinguished by its cutting edge appearance and functionality. Projected for heavy duty intense use, this appealing foot-pedal dispenser is entirely made of medical stainless steel, robust and durable, weather resistant and fully mechanical.


Hand Contactless

being operated by the pedal, you do not have to touch it with your hand to operate.

Vandal Proof

the stainless steel from which it is built, its shape and concept offer high protection against vandalism.

Fixed on floor

can be fixed with screws to the floor without the risk of being stolen.

5 Years Warranty

because we trust the raw material, the technology and the people who create this product.

Quiet and sealed

the components are manufactured with high accuracy so the actuation noise is very low.

Fully mechanical

as it works entirely mechanically, it does not require electricity or batteries.

3.5 Liters tank

up to 3500 uses with each refill.

Easy to maintain

despite its sophisticate appearance, stainless steel material don’t require a special or certain maintenance.

Made in EU

the whole product, including the dosing pump are manufactured with great care in Europe.

With Dr. Drop you offer your dear ones - partners, friends or customers - a way to live their lives fully, without reserve. Compared to conventional dispensers, Dr. Drop comes with the advantage of being visible due to its dimensions and the possibility of being placed at any entrance, right on the way of passers, so before touching any door handle. Up to 3500 users can benefit from one single 3.5L tank refill. In addition, this sanitizing stand is foot-pedal activated, therefore the risk of cross contamination is non-existent. It is hand contactless.


How it's made

Entirely made of durable, weather resistant stainless steel and fully mechanical, Dr. Drop is projected for intense heavy duty use, with no maintenance or electrical outlet needed, according to our striving for perfection. It is equipped with a 3.5L sanitizer tank which enables up to 3500 uses with each refill.

Manufactured by All-Inox Innovation


Thoroughly designed and manufactured in the EU, in our All-Inox stainless steel dedicated factory located in Romania, Dr. Drop represents the ultimate premium product sculptured by our innovation company which has got world recognition for its excellence in working with massive stainless steel.

Made for a lifetime

We're in charge with all the manufacturing details and medical rigors to offer a risk free experience for the end users and a lifetime warranty product for the customers, you're only in charge to choose if you wanna go for something premium along the way. A high-end product, like no other, at a reasonable price.Ready to keep up with the medical recommendation and to invest in your dear ones?Let's stay safe together on this journey and beyond.


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